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GlaDoS Said

GlaDoS Said is a CLI tool, built with Node.js, that generates a random quote from the video game Portal. It is published on NPM and can be installed with the command npm install -g glados-said. Pair this with a cowsay file of GlaDoS and it becomes your own personal Portal roast-machine! It can also be used as a module in your own projects.

At its peak, it received about 724 downloads per week, and still receieves about 7-20 downloads a week currently.

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Discord Bots

I have written various discord bots for different reasons over the years. The most recent one, which earned me the official Discord Developer badge, is a form of roast bot with added features. It is written in Node.js and uses the Discord.js library. It provides great fun for friends and has been well received.

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GeekJokes RESTful API

GeekJokes is a RESTful API that I built using Node.js. It is an API that returns a geeky joke. In fact, if you look to the left of this block, you will actually see a live joke it retrieved. Go on, request a new one!

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